How to hem a garment with Supermend

How to hem a garment with Supermend

Please check that the garment is clean before you commence your repair.

Always use greaseproof/silicone paper on both sides of the repair where possible.

Alternatively you can use ordinary writing paper if the fabric is not delicate.

Cut away and remove machine stitching from the bottom of your hem. Supermend will bond all frayed edges on fabric. Turn hem up once and press into place. Now place your fabric onto greaseproof paper, open hem and sprinkle Supermend into crease. A very fine sprinkle of just a few granules for fine fabrics and more for heavy fabrics etc. Put hem fold back into position, hold down with fingers and blow away all of your excess granules of Supermend. Place another sheet of greaseproof paper over the top and press with a cotton/linen temperature iron for a few seconds allowing the powder to melt regardless of the texture of the fabric.

Remember to use 3-4 layers of greaseproof/silicone paper this enables the safe use of a hot iron on fine fabrics.

All effective repairs can be washed boiled and dry-cleaned, over and over again.