How to make a unique textured fabric or sheer fabric card

How to make a unique textured fabric or sheer fabric card and craft foiling

This is a brilliant way to use up all your old scraps of material, cotton tapestry embroidery or wool threads, plus haberdashery trimmings.

Make something out of nothing. Instead of discarding waste craft materials in the bin.



Take a layer of material any thickness, or regular/handmade or tissue paper.
Sprinkle all over with a fine layer of Supermend.
Your pattern: Made from very tiny choppings of different fabrics. (Shiny, silky glittery are good) chopped up frayed edges, sequins, chopped up shiny sweet wrappers or coloured cellophane. Chopped up tinsel or old Christmas decorations. Tapestry, wool threads, tassel shavings and silky cotton threads to name but a few. Even fine shreds of newspaper or glossy magazine paper work well.
Another sprinkling of Supermend over the top.
Place over the top of your work a very, very, sheer headscarf. The thinnest you can get. Or a piece of netting. Example: the type used to make a ballerina tutu dress. Most of the time the colour does not matter as you won’t see it If however you want a very different look altogether, you can use netting with a print or pattern embossed into it. This changes your work entirely and gives it an incredible “wow” factor.
Cover with Baking Parchment (not greaseproof)
Dry iron over the picture
Not enough and the glue does not work.

Too much and you get a horrible black mess.

If you get good you can do a big piece of material all at once and then cut a few pictures from it to fit in frames. Or you could make your textured fabric into a garment or a patchwork quilt.

Alternative way to create a design. Coat the back of your fabric or paper with Supermend. Cut into shapes as small as you like because it cannot fray.

Place design onto picture. Parchment paper over the top and simply dry iron.

You can sew through Supermend and it does not come off on your sewing or hand needle. So it’s brilliant for machine freestyle embroidery over the top.

(It helps to make the design from start to finish on an ironing board). Should you have to move your unfinished work. This will not affect your finished results as should Supermend go cold simply re-heat to re-activate.

This can be done at any time so it is fine to leave unfinished work for weeks at a time.

You can also use Supermend for foil work.

This works on both fabric and paper.

Simply dust over required area. Place a piece of greaseproof over the top.

Dry iron. Peel back paper and rub over with foils.

Can also be used for stamp work in the same way. Plus you can use Supermend to stick into a card instead of regular glue.

Can be used for craft foiling on fabric and papercraft.   Simply apply Supermend onto surface, seal with baking parchment and a hot iron over the top.  Leave until cold, then gently rub over with a craft foil of your choice.