How to seal frayed edges and neaten jagged hems with Supermend

How to seal frayed edges and neaten jagged hems with Supermend

Please check that the garment is clean before you commence your repair.

Silicone paper is recommended here as the non stick surface makes it easier to remove.

Supermend will bond and seal all frayed edges on fabric without the need to hem. This is brilliant for sealing fabric for miniature dolls hems, ribbons, etc. Plus it has saved many a set of curtains that have shrunk in the wash and given a few months extra life to children’s school trousers.

Simply place your fabric onto paper and sprinkle a line of Supermend onto your frayed edge. A very fine sprinkle of just a few granules for fine fabrics and more for heavy fabrics etc. Place a piece of silicone paper over the fine line, hold down with fingers and blow away all of your excess granules of Supermend, then press with a cotton/linen temperature iron for a few seconds allowing the powder to melt regardless of the texture of the fabric.

Remember to use 3-4 layers of silicone paper this enables the safe use of a hot iron on fine fabrics.

Then simply peel back whilst the Supermend is still warm and finish off by cutting away the frayed edges with a sharp pair of scissors to leave you a perfect finish.

If the paper goes cold and begins to stick, simply re-heat with the iron and remove.

All effective repairs can be washed boiled and dry-cleaned, over and over again.