How to use Supermend for Creative Crafts

How to use Supermend for Creative Crafts

Supermend is every sewers or craft makers dream product as you can use it as an alternative to interfacings cottons and sealant craft glues. Use to bond fabric, paper, card and knitwear.

You can even use on your acrylic knitwear , seal knitting and embroidery, tapestry floats before cutting into them with no fraying.

Supermend will bond and seal all frayed edges on fabrics without the need to hem.

This is brilliant for sealing fabric for miniature dolls clothes, hems, ribbons, church banners or letter making etc.

Simply place your fabric onto paper and sprinkle with a layer of Supermend. A very fine sprinkle of Supermend just a few granules for fine fabrics and more for heavy fabrics etc.

Place a piece of silicone paper over the top of your work, blow away any excess granules and press with a full cotton/linen temperature iron for a few seconds allowing Supermend to melt , regardless of the texture of your fabric.. Remember to use 3-4 layers of silicone paper to enable the safe use of a hot iron on fine fabrics. If the paper goes cold simply re-heat.

Peel back the paper whilst still warm and finish by cutting away any frayed edges with a sharp pair of scissors to leave you a perfect finish. Position back onto your garment and re-press, using fresh paper.

Ideal for letter making, box and card making, patchwork quilting, stabilizing before you sew, miniature craft work and lots more. You can even use a sewing needle or machine stitch afterwards and no glue will remain on your needles.

All effective fabric repairs can be washed boiled and dry-cleaned over and over again.